About Us

A Different Kind of Fitness Franchise

REGYMEN Fitness is a gym franchise that delivers results – for both members and owners. We are a multi-platform fitness studio concept developed from decades of fitness industry experience. Our high-energy offerings, backed by exercise science, take the form of three workouts: Burn, Box, and Build. Each is supported by real-time analytics and designed to deliver results in the most efficient way possible. With other brands sold out nationwide, the emergence of REGYMEN Fitness as a challenger in the growing boutique fitness studio segment couldn’t be better timed.

REGYMEN offers a high-intensity group environment where time flies and calories burn! We provide the mental encouragement, inspiration, and social interaction proven to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals faster than going at it alone. Our boutique fitness franchise resonates with everyone from athletes to everyday gym-goers, including first timers, because we truly offer something for everyone. Regardless of experience or fitness level, our studios are a great fit for every lifestyle.

Guided by Our Values

REGYMEN Fitness is not just another gym – or just another franchise, for that matter. We are committed to both the success of our members and the success of our franchise owners! It’s sometimes easy to get distracted from our mission to change lives for the better, which is why everything we do is guided by our six core values. We believe that staying true to who we are and why we started our fitness franchise is the best recipe for continued growth and success.

The following values are present in everything we do!

  • Passion

    We live and breathe for the success and happiness of our members. When they stumble, we get them back on their feet. Their success is our success. That means we focus on our members’ needs and goals in every way possible, from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.

  • Inspiration

    Everything we do is focused on inspiring our members to become the best versions of themselves both on and off the mat. We want nothing more than to see them succeed, to never stop pushing boundaries, and to always be hungry for more.

  • Experience

    It takes brains and brawn to get fit. That’s why we recruit only the best and brightest to guide members on their fitness journeys, bringing an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge that they can count on to help them crush any of their fitness goals.

  • Collaboration

    We don’t do this alone – and neither do our members. We’re their fitness partner, their fitness community – a social circle ready, willing, and able to give everything we’ve got to help them reach the finish line.

  • Freedom

    Fitness is not simply a goal. It’s a means to something greater in life. Our goal is to give our members the motivation to achieve that greatness and realize their never-ending potential.

  • Disruption

    We got into the fitness game to shake things up. There’s no place for boring routines here. Our programs evolve and keep members on their toes.

Our Programs

There are countless gyms, fitness centers, and studios out there, so it was important for REGYMEN to differentiate ourselves from the crowd. Our diverse selection of programs truly makes us unique in the fitness franchise market. By offering everything from HIIT to boxing to cardio training, our studios are accessible to everyone.
We offer the following workouts:
  • Burn – A calorie-burning workout that incorporates core exercises, weights, and cardio.

  • Box – A boxing-based sweat session that elevates the heart rate and torches fat.

  • Build – A strength-building workout that combines compound weight training movements and explosive cardio.

  • Rumble – For the ultimate weight loss and muscle-building experience, we combine our Burn, Box, and Build workouts.

  • Blast – A quick, 30-minute treadmill-based workout that incorporates weights, Slam Balls, and more.

Our Franchise by the Numbers

Numbers don’t lie, so let’s break down our fitness franchise so that you have a better understanding of who we are, what we offer, and the potential we hold:

  • REGYMEN Fitness currently has 19 locations with several more in development as we rapidly expand our footprint.

  • Each studio has an average of 300 members.

  • Each studio has average gross sales of $753,000 and average annual profits of $188,000 based on the top 40% of franchise locations.

  • Studios offer flexible membership packages, and about 75% of our members have our unlimited Best Membership package.

  • Our studios vary in size and can range from 1,400 – 4,800 square feet.

  • The boutique fitness industry is projected to grow by over 4% from pre-pandemic levels.

The future is looking bright for the boutique fitness industry and our gym franchise. If you are ready to disrupt your routine, activate your passion, and find your purpose, take some time to explore our opportunity to determine if you are a great fit for REGYMEN.

Check out our Why Us page to learn more about why we should be your first choice among fitness franchises!

We’ve Got Your Back

Like a committed personal trainer who pushes, encourages, and supports clients throughout their fitness journey, the REGYMEN Fitness team is always by your side. We’ll provide you with extensive training, industry-leading technology systems, and ongoing marketing assistance, as well as a turnkey model to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Our committed team provides resources, mentorship, and guidance for the long-term, consistently pioneering new ways to help franchisees grow their businesses. Together, we will build a thriving and rewarding business!

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