A woman stretches in her living room on a yoga mat next to a digitized partner, representing the power of virtual fitness.

How REGYMEN Uses Virtual Fitness to Its Advantage

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In today's digital age, virtual fitness is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, but it also enables franchisees to expand their reach and engage with members beyond the walls of a traditional gym. It is also a great way to stay connected with members during emergencies or public health crises.

At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we leverage virtual fitness offerings in many ways. Here are some of the industry-wise advantages of offering virtual workouts:

We Engage Members with Digital Content & Virtual Workouts

Virtual fitness is an absolute necessity when it comes to reaching all possible members. Many individuals lack the confidence, time, and desire to visit the studio on a regular basis. That’s why we’re committed to creating content that encourages our members to engage in online workouts.

We provide at-home accountability, guidance, and motivation via our REGYMEN On-Demand workout sessions. This includes recorded streams of our signature classes, such as:

  • Burn - Our cardio workout delivers an incredibly effective 60-minute, high-paced sweat.
  • Build – This class combines dynamic movements and bursts of cardio to strengthen muscles and boost endorphins.

Our members have access to REGYMEN workouts anytime and anywhere. Users may stream REGYMEN-style workouts (i.e., HIIT and Strength) via a phone or computer from the comfort of their homes.

This lets our members:

  • Workout on their own time
  • Enjoy inspiration and encouragement at home
  • Work out at their own pace and intensity

We also provide in-studio on-demand options for members who show up during hours without any live workout offerings. These workout videos are displayed on our signature and cutting-edge movement screens – giving members the freedom and flexibility to sweat on their clocks.

Expand Your Reach with Online Fitness Tutorials

By offering online tutorials, REGYMEN franchisees can expand their reach beyond the walls of their studios – engaging members all over the world. We even encourage each franchisee to use social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to upload helpful videos that teach people how to work out at home safely and effectively. Our REGYMEN On-Demand platform is second to none. It includes workout programs with high production values and quick, clear streams. We also suggest incorporating personal training videos for individualized attention and motivation.

Maximizing Membership Subscriptions by Touting the Upsides of Virtual Fitness

Due to our archives of top-tier created content for virtual fitness, we have another selling point when signing up new members for REGYMEN subscriptions. Never hesitate to remind prospective members of the full benefits of our subscription package, which include direct access to our virtual On-Demand classes.

We Sell Top-of-the-Lane Equipment for Members to Use at Home

Our proprietary gym equipment is an excellent way to create an extra revenue stream and set up our members for success. Our state-of-the-art workout accessories include:

  • REGYMEN Dumbbells
  • First Place Gravity Kettlebells
  • Zig Zag Jam-Balls
  • AB Dollies
  • Mini Bands
  • Exercise Bands
  • And More!

Our exercise equipment inventory helps members sculpt muscles and lose weight while in the comfort of their homes.

Investing in Virtual Fitness Is A Form of Insurance

Virtual fitness is an invaluable tool for fitness franchisees who want to stay connected with their members during emergencies or public health crises while expanding their customer base beyond the walls of their gym. During COVID-19, online classes became the go-to source of revenue and membership retention due to sheltering at-home and social distancing mandates.

many members and franchisees, online courses became a way to regain a sense of normalcy in a temporarily disrupted world. It also became a lifeline – providing an alternative source of delivering our unrivaled fitness courses without risking members’ health or safety.

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By offering engaging content such as live streams and pre-recorded video tutorials alongside personalized sessions via our On-Demand platform, REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office maximizes subscriptions while providing value to our customers at the same time. We are proud of our commitment to virtual fitness and welcome you to join our incredibly profitable venture!

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