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Why Boutique Fitness Is an Industry to Invest in Today

The Promising Metrics Surrounding Boutique Fitness

As the fitness industry continues to grow, franchisees should consider how boutique fitness can help them attract new members to their business. Boutique fitness is a trend that involves specialized classes and experiences that target specific demographics, needs, and interests, providing a more personalized approach to exercise.

The average age of boutique studio members hovers around 30 years old. This number is very different from the age of traditional gym-goers, which averages around 40. At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we realize the upsides of recognizing our primary age group and developing a relevant marketing strategy. One consumer habit millennials are known for is their prioritization of experiences over material possessions.

REGYMEN aims to deliver upon this desire – offering more than a gym, we offer our target demographic an experience and community. Our boutique template is an ideal fit for those seeking the benefits of regular exercise in a fun, challenging, and communal setting. Sure, we are all about results. We take great pride in helping our members lose weight, build muscles, and gain flexibility. But we also offer a friendly, upbeat environment that satisfies a great need to belong and participate.

Today, we’re going to outline some of the benefits of boutique fitness. We will also highlight how we use our fitness model to boost our membership, bottom line, and sense of community.

Boutique Fitness Emphasizes Customizable Workouts & Individualized Ambitions

Now is the time to get on board with a boutique fitness franchise. The numbers show that our studios and programs are resonating with the communities we serve. Our attractive and flexible membership model is an excellent choice for people with unconventional schedules or no experience. We encourage both self-improvement and friendly competition (via monthly fitness trackers) to appeal to everyone – both internally and externally motivated individuals.

Similar to traditional gymgoers, many of our members hold the same fundamental aspirations. They want to improve their health and appearance, slim their waist, and work up a sweat. We differ in our style, fashion, tone, and ambiance. Catering to those frustrated with impersonal and rigid workout templates, we offer a personalized, friendly, non-judgmental, and upbeat alternative that is equal parts challenging and exciting.

The Undeniable Upsides of Boutique Fitness

There are many benefits to the boutique fitness model. Here are our top 3:

  • Increased Variety – Boutique fitness classes offer an array of unique workout experiences to members. By offering specialized classes (such as Box, Burn, and Build), we create a thrilling sense of variety for members who may be bored with traditional gyms. This increased variety also helps attract new potential members who prefer unconventional modes of working out.
  • Increased Flexibility – Our franchisees have the freedom to adjust their workout offerings based on customer demands and preferences. Each location can experiment with different types of classes and focus on areas where they may have a competitive advantage over other gyms in the area. This allows our franchisees the freedom necessary to focus and prioritize the most popular selections.
  • Increased Engagement – Our franchisees can engage with customers in ways that aren’t possible with traditional gyms. Classes like Box and Burn allow instructors to interact with members using music, lights, and boxing equipment. These add-ons, amenities, and sensory perks create a fun environment for participants. This level of engagement helps foster loyalty among existing customers while also attracting new ones who may be looking for something more than just going through motions at the gym.

REGYMEN Believes the Future of Boutique Fitness is Bright

Boutique fitness is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the fitness industry. It brings in billions of dollars in revenue and continues to gain traction and popularity every year. During the pandemic, boutique fitness became exploded due to its capacity to pivot efficiently. As normalcy has returned to social life, the industry has shown no signs of slowing down. Boutique studies currently account for half the revenue from all gym memberships. This number will only rise as boutique fitness continues to expand in the future.

REGYMEN is proud to belong to this bullish sector. We are committed to contributing to the future success of our niche. We believe boutique fitness gives our franchisees an edge over the local competition – providing them with a special template to differentiate themselves from nearby gyms. Offering increased variety, flexibility, and engagement, our owners create exciting workout experiences that keep existing members returning while enticing new ones. The benefits of boutique fitness are clear; the time is now to take advantage of them!

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