A group of smiling women working out and clearing their mind together.

The Business Benefits of Integrating Mental Health into Fitness

Society’s Increasing Emphasis on Treating Mental Health

Mental health has become an increasingly important health factor in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently published studies have shown a high probability of increased mental health issues and burdens in the post-pandemic era. Multiple lines of evidence seem to point toward a significant increase in global mental health awareness and ailments – especially among the vulnerable populations.

If you’re struggling with the mental health effects of COVID-19, we recommend physical fitness as a viable therapeutic tool. According to an article by the Mayo Clinic Staff, exercise directly correlates to numerous mental and emotional benefits that exceed the self-esteem boost associated with looking and feeling better. At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we have the opportunity to help our clients improve their mental well-being with exercise. Moreover, we forecast increased interest in our industry and services as the science of exercise and mental health advances.

Promoting the Positive Mental Health Effects of Exercise

Exercise Improves Overall Mood

Persistent exercise has many benefits. Everyone knows slimmer waists, clearer complexions, and tighter abs can quickly improve self-confidence. Many don’t realize that the advantages of exercise are far greater than these surface perks. Working out can regulate numerous biological processes – helping with relaxation, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and encouraging healthy sleep routines. By easing stress and improving mental focus, exercise can reinvigorate one’s entire outlook toward daily tasks and challenges.

Exercise Boosts Endorphins

The benefits of exercise go far beyond anecdotal evidence. Physical activity can dramatically increase the production feel-good neurotransmitters (endorphins). This endorphin bump is often called a runner's high. However, running is not the only activity that triggers it. Countless aerobic activities such as yoga, cycling, and weightlifting can trigger a positive uptick in endorphin production.

Exercise Decreases Stress

Oddly enough, exercise will reduce stress by temporarily triggering stress responses in the body. The body acclimates and learns to manage the effects of stress when exercise simulates and stimulates stressors. Several mechanistic studies have showcased the mood-enhancing effects of undergoing stress during workouts. Reducing stress can also create a positive feedback loop as it often leads to improvements in cardiovascular, digestive, and immune processes.

Exercise Is Like Meditation in Motion

The mental benefits of finding a steady rhythm when exercising should not be understated. The concentration required when completing reps, drills, and workout demands helps the mind find a peaceful groove. As the mind focuses on the immediate physicality of the task at hand, background irritations and frustrations often wash away. As a result, movement and physical activity can often serve as an effective remedy for releasing stress and tension. Our end goal is to help our clients channel this same calm focus and concentration in everything they do.

The REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office Difference

If you want to work with a franchise that promotes mental health with exercise, you’ve come to the right place. We are in the business of reinforcing positive emotions and attitudes – earning customer loyalty through the power of motivation. Our fitness model offers a challenging and dynamic approach to exercise that accommodates each unique physique and personality. We promote healthy thought processes, lifestyle choices, and nutritional decisions. At the same time, we respect our clients’ independence and right to choose freely for themselves. Our goal is to provide a product of tremendous value, which we achieve by helping customers improve their mental health and actualize their fitness dreams.

Offering the Benefits of Accountability & Consistency

Signing up for a fitness program is just the first challenge. Our customers must remain committed and steadfast to reap the long-term benefits of exercise. This is a reassuring reality for franchisees worried about client retention and loyalty. Our ability to hold customers accountable and encourage them to persevere through moments of resistance will inspire them to keep returning – month after month.

Setting Manageable & Healthy Goals for Our Clients

We help our clients create specific, measurable, and attainable workout goals. We realize it is never wise to push anyone too hard – injury, overexertion, fatigue, and burnout are bad for everyone (our customers and our business). The smarter solution is to set incremental benchmarks that are realistic and achievable. It is essential to endorse balance and steadiness – ensuring each workout schedule engenders positive feelings and the desire to continue coming.

Creating a Positive & Safe Fitness Community: An Excellent Business Model

The upsides of a trainer, coach, and workout partner are invaluable. We provide the reliable accountability so many seek. Our team is waiting to cheer on each client – helping them overcome those (sometimes petty) excuses that can circulate in the brain before exercising.

Maintaining a regular workout schedule will also help our clients acclimate to the habitual shifts in energy output. Our priority is to go above and beyond to make workout sessions dynamic and fun. We constantly accommodate our clients’ evolving needs by alternating fitness routines, tracking individual progress, and checking in each week.

REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office has a promising entrepreneurial approach to fitness. We make exercise much more than another chore and burden on to-do lists – helping our clients find joy and self-worth in physical activity. Helping our customers transform their lives with a workout solution that meets all their needs transcends the economic upsides.

We have the privilege of working in a field that makes a difference in lives – helping clients unwind, tune in to their bodies, ease tension/stress, and rejuvenate their overall perception of life. Join our team today and help us deliver a higher level of motivation, commitment, and excitement to our ever-expanding REGYMEN community.

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