Two women performing HIIT exercises.

The Benefits of Offering HIIT to Fitness Clients

What is HIIT? A Quick Explanation

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval-focused fitness training that intentionally oscillates between high-intensity exercises and recuperative rest periods. We generally consider any workout regimen that elevates the heart rate above 85% max HR to be anaerobic or high intensity. There are many benefits to reap from undergoing bursts of high-intensity exertion. Nevertheless, it is equally important to balance high-intensity interval training with low-intensity recovery periods to maintain stamina, mitigate the chances of burnout/injury, and avoid fatigue.

At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we proudly offer HIIT training options as an effective workout routine for all experience levels. We thoroughly train our personal trainers and fitness coaches so that they are capable of fluidly integrating HIIT into workout sessions.

The incorporation of HIIT into our list of services aligns nicely with our goals, which include:

  • Providing valuable & transformative fitness services
  • Staying up to date with the latest fitness trends
  • Offering versatile fitness options to accommodate every athletic personality & physique

The Many Health Benefits of HIIT

HIIT's effectiveness directly results from the demands high-intensity intervals place on physiological processes. While it is not for everyone (anyone with heart or respiratory conditions should consult with a doctor before participating in HIIT workout routines), HIIT can be a lifesaver for many. Impatience, everyday time constraints, & frustration with slow results are common barriers for many who can’t inspire themselves to exercise regularly. HIIT offers an alternative and a solution to these hesitations.

Instead of relying on slow-twitch muscles (a la traditional cardio), HIIT emphasizes the stimulation of fast-twitch muscle fibers. In fact, HIIT invigorates the body’s entire energy production system. As a result, the body quickly becomes highly adaptive, efficient, and engaged – expending energy fast. The genius of HIIT is the strategic incorporation of rest periods. These designated downtimes rejuvenate the body between bursts of high-intensity output – helping the body hit higher peaks than possible during steady-state/aerobic exercises.

Burn Calories Quickly & Efficiently

HIIT can help our clients:

  1. Burn more calories than traditional exercise routines
  2. Burn calories faster than traditional exercise routines

A 2015 study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tracked calories burned during a half-hour of weight training, running, HIIT, and biking and found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories. This is impressive considering HIIT technically cuts out one-third of the exercise time demanded by its aerobic counterparts. After all, HIIT reps fluctuate 20 seconds of max output with 40 seconds of rest, which means HIIT burns more calories and involves considerably less time exercising.

Boost Your Metabolic Rate

HIIT can also help our clients burn calories – even during off-hours. Several studies of HIIT participants have highlighted metabolic rates sustaining elevated levels long after HIIT sessions. HIIT metabolic rates were also proven to reach higher levels than jogging or weight training. Recent scientific data also pointed to evidence that HIIT pulls energy primarily from fat reserves (as opposed to carbs). Not only will your clients burn additional calories after exercising but they will also burn fat – that’s a win-win situation.

An All-Inclusive Solution for Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle Mass Fast

HIIT offers a tremendous tool when helping our clients slim down and eliminate visceral fat. HIIT reduces waist circumference, increases muscle mass (primarily in the trunk and legs), and promotes fat loss. It is particularly effective with obese populations – and shows remarkable results given the brevity of average time of energy output during HIIT workout sessions. Reaping comparable results with less time commitment can make a huge difference in our fast-paced world.

Improve Oxygen Consumption

Increasing the consumption of oxygen offers numerous health benefits. Amazingly, spikes in oxygen consumption recording during HIIT workouts equaled the data from endurance training (aerobic exercises with continuous, steady movement) – despite HIIT requiring less than half the amount of exercise. To cite scientific data: participants who completed a 5-week/4-times-a-week HIIT regimen (composed of 20-minute workouts) increased oxygen consumption by 9%. A similar 8-week study found that HIIT could increase oxygen intake by 25%.

Reduces Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, & Blood Sugar

HIIT’s ability to decrease blood pressure, heart rate, & blood sugar is corroborated by numerous research studies. It provides substantial benefits to overweight demographics, which suffer from higher statistical rates of high blood pressure. Some studies found that HIIT reduces blood pressure more effectively than moderate-intensity exercise. Nevertheless, it is helpful to note that HIIT offers minimal to no effect in altering blood pressure amongst those within a healthy/normal BMI range.

HIIT is also beneficial for individuals looking to lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Based on this information, high-intensity exercise can be life-altering for individuals dealing with Type 2 diabetes (and for those without diabetes as well).

Mitigating Injury Risk Is Our Priority

It would be negligent not to discuss the risks associated with high-intensity training. Accidents and physical injuries are possible during any form of training – when intensity is elevated, more stress is placed on the body. According to One Health, only 4-9% of total training time per week should be spent above 85% HRmax. Aware of this fact, we strongly emphasize strategically and safely incorporating HIIT into exercise routines.

Regularly checking in with clients (both before and during workouts) and opening the lines of communication are critical when safeguarding their physical health. We recommend prioritizing lower-intensity intervals (when necessary) and adjusting muscle groups to promote balance, recovery, and coordination.

HIIT Will Leave Customers Wanting More: Booking Sessions Up to 5 Times a Week

The number of HIIT sessions will differ from client to client. Novices may prefer 1 or 2 HIIT workouts per week and ask for lower-intensity variations. Our job is to go above and beyond to accommodate their needs. At the same time, advanced athletes often book 3 to 5 HIIT sessions every week.

We recommend using discretion to ensure sufficient rest and recovery if any client is overexerting. It is possible to overdo anything. Our responsibility is to help design a healthy training plan that maximizes gains without compromising health or safety.

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