A female exerciser checks her wearables and smartphone to study metrics and data on her workout.

Boost Your Bottom Line by Embracing REGYMEN’S Commitment to Technology

Don’t Let Innovation Leave You in the Dust

There’s no way to overstate the importance of technology in the current business landscape. Technology is a critical component of growing a business. It has reshaped the entire landscape of countless sectors and industries – offering consumers new ways of engaging and receiving the goods and services they seek.

At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we have embraced technology and continue to search for new ways to maximize its potential. Our franchise team understands and respects the added convenience, flexibility, immediacy, and expediency tech brings to the fitness landscape. We also recognize the opportunities it creates in terms of fostering a community, building communication lines, and forming a conversation.

Today, we’re excited to outline how we help our franchisees take advantage of technology. We will also outline our strategies to harness technology in the future.

Using Technology to Scale & Promote

Maintaining a strong online presence and elevating our boutique fitness centers with state-of-the-art tech are central factors to our success. We realize that the fitness industry is neither static nor inert. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the increasing popularity of fitness data apps, workout videos/screens, biofeedback metrics, and virtual fitness offerings

As a competitive fitness franchise, it is our responsibility to keep up with the emergence of exciting and new technological offerings. That’s why we’re constantly improving our in-person gym facilities and fine-tuning our complimentary fitness App.

All About the REGYMEN APP

Our mobile app has expanded our outreach and membership retention in remarkable ways. We designed the REGYMEN app to emphasize ease of use and navigability. Free to download on Android and iOS, our app allows REGYMEN members and newcomers immediate access to numerous perks and tools.

The REGYMEN app includes:

  • Wearables – REGYMEN members are offered fitness trackers that can connect to their digital smartphone and app via Bluetooth. This allows them to send and receive up-to-the-second metrics on various exercise data points and biological metrics.
  • Leaderboard – This service helps members tap into their competitive spirit. The leaderboard presents detailed activity and results for previous weeks and months. The leaderboard is an excellent way to motivate and inspire members of our fitness community to stay engaged and push themselves to new heights. It relies on top-tier performance analysis software to monitor exercise goals, rep maxes, workout benchmarks, and fitness achievements for individuals and groups.
  • Notifications – Organizing a special event? Experiencing an on-site issue that requires canceling a class? Running a refer-a-friend promotion? Our notifications tab on the REGYMEN App offers members instant and sometimes urgent information to maximize convenience and share critical information.
  • Guest Pass –An essential part of growing a fitness community is having your members perform grassroots recruiting work for you. Our guest pass provides members an easy way to invite friends to free, trial workouts.
  • Photo Gallery – Our photo gallery offers members the chance to take workout snapshots and progress photos. Having visual evidence of personal transformation can be a rewarding tool – increasing motivation and accountability.
  • REGYMEN On Demand – This section on the app provides exclusive access to on-demand workout videos for members who can’t make it to one of our facilities for any reason. During late-night hours or busy weeks, members can sign in and engage in instructor-led exercise routines from the comfort of their own homes.

Scheduling, Buying, & Cancelling Classes on the REGYMEN APP

The app also provides REGYMEN members with an easy and fast method for booking workout sessions. It lays out the schedule by date, time, class style (Burn, Box, Build, Blast, etc.), length of class, and instructor. This information gives our members much-needed convenience when scheduling other activities around group workouts. Many members prefer to join workouts with specific instructors. Thus, knowing in advance who is teaching what course can be helpful.

The scheduling options on the App also offer our owners or managers increased flexibility. By providing advanced updates on future attendance, our instructors can anticipate class sizes and prepare accordingly. The app also offers beneficial metrics on the habits of our members, including their frequency and preferred workout times. Without a doubt, our custom-built REGYMEN App enhances both the user/member and owner experience.

Why REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office Embraces & Invests in Technology

As a REGYMEN franchisee, you’ll be well-positioned in the fitness industry. Our business model and tech resources will provide you with industry-best tools. Moreover, as tech continues to adapt and advance, we have the buying power and robust network structure necessary to keep up with the constant changes. Our team is committed to growth. We’re constantly updating and improving along with the technological landscape to increase business performance.

Our diverse and incredible REGYMEN community lies at the heart of our success. With technological tools, such as our REGYMEN App, we’re now able to engage and inspire our community like never before. The data we collect on members’ preferences also gives us key insights about what adjustments to make going forward. Our App allows us to keep our community vital and strong – improving membership morale, engagement, and retention rates.

Reach out to our courteous team at (866) 954-1590 anytime to learn more about how we’ve combined tech and fitness to boost your bottom line!