Workout equipment and punching bags are bathed in stunning neon light at one of REGYMEN's signature boutique studios.

Why Boutique Fitness Is Here to Stay

Our Customer Demographics Are Primed for Success

At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we are bullish about the future of the boutique fitness industry. Whereas the average member of a traditional gym is 40 years old, the average member of a boutique studio is ten years younger. This metric is beneficial for many reasons. The younger demographic signals the potential for increased customer retention to sustain long-term growth and success.

Knowing that the boutique studio model caters to millennials also provides valuable insights into the ideal marketing strategy. Studies on demographic patterns have routinely shown that millennials prefer to spend money on experiences over material possession. To be statistically precise, 72% of millennials prefer paying for experiences to material goods.

REGYMEN offers a memorable experience – providing fitness with an exciting and novel twist. Unlike your traditional gym, which is nothing more than workout equipment in a sterile industrial setting, we offer a fun and dynamic fitness environment with theatrical lighting, upbeat music, and real-time data. Our boutique studios are the ideal destination for customers seeking to lose weight in a fun, challenging, and aesthetically pleasing setting.

Numbers & Trends that Bode Well for the Future of Fitness

The success of our studios and fitness programs across the country proves that we are a successful business model within our target demographic. Upon our inception, REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office sought to create an open, welcoming, and friendly space where members could make remarkable fitness strides at their own pace. Our studios accommodate everyone – from professional athletes to first-time gym-goers.

Our universal appeal sets our studios apart from other boutique fitness operations narrowly focused on hyper-specific customer demographics. Our ability to cater and adapt to all fitness and experience levels without sacrificing the style and environmental appeal of the boutique studio environment allows us the unique opportunity to attract several diverse demographics. This balanced approach helps our marketing team and franchisees increase membership and satisfy customers.

Fitness Is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Like any industry, the fitness sector is constantly evolving. The 80s and 90s heydays of aerobics VHS tapes and the early 00s craze for big-box gyms are long gone. Exercise trends constantly shift – and it is the responsibility of a viable franchise model to adapt accordingly. We are willing and ready to do just that. Our commitment to boutique fitness, on-demand videos, and dynamic membership models prove we can nimbly evolve and synch alongside cultural trends.

At REGYMEN, we realize that millennials want an immersive, high-end experience and are willing to invest in something that provides experiential value. We aim to deliver a premium workout experience – offering an elevated ambiance that parallels the exquisiteness of fine dining or a fancy resort.

Moreover, we understand that millennials are health-conscious and constantly seeking companies that offer versatile and customizable solutions. Our attractive and highly flexible membership model satiates this desire – providing an ideal fitness solution for anyone with an unconventional schedule and on-demand needs.

High-End Value at A Reasonable Price

Our boutique workout studios and fitness services deliver an intimate, personalized fitness experience. The design of our studios is photogenic (perfect for Instagram or TikTok) and eye-catching: tailor-made to foster a sense of community and camaraderie. We realize that lifestyle and fashion are critical components of branding. As a result, we went above and beyond to create an exceptional studio setup that is visually appealing and highly functional.

We are a multi-platform fitness studio concept that integrates science and decades of industry experience to deliver a winning combination. We back our high-energy studio workouts with real-time analytics and create high-intensity group environments where trainers inspire athletes with positive feedback and encouragement.

Our clientele can also choose one of three dynamic workouts: Burn, Box, and Build. We’ve fine-tuned our workouts to deliver startling results in minimal time. Finally, our business model is scaled and streamlined to provide elite fitness programs that turn a profit while satisfying customers with fair, competitive prices. You can count on devout members who return perennially, providing recurring revenue as you build, expand, and grow.

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