A runner listens to music on headphones and plays the air guitar while smiling and wearing athleisure outside.

Music Boosts Athletic Performance & Increase Customer Retention

The Science Behind Music & Exercise

The pairing of music and exercise is a timeless duo – as cosmically compatible as peanut butter and jelly. But did you know there is scientific data explaining why the two synthesize so perfectly together? If your answer is no, you’re not alone! At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we were surprised and excited to learn about the scientific benefits of listening to music while exercising, too – especially given we’ve long combined the two elements in our exercise sessions.

The dynamic surge of energy one receives when mixing a workout session with the right tunes is self-explanatory. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that music makes exercising more pleasurable and exciting. Nevertheless, the degree to which music positively impacts exercise is fascinating. Today, we plan to explore the underlying reasons the two gel together so seamlessly. We hope to showcase why music is a vital component of our business model!

Keeping An Even & Steady Pace

Music is a temporal art form with a steady pulse & forward sonic motion. It holds incredible sway over bodies and minds. It can:

  • Summon a participatory response from the listener
  • Stimulate & titillate the body and mind
  • Lure resistant or tentative individuals to action
  • Release untapped energy

The rhythmic dimensions of music can naturally inspire the body to synchronize its movements with the percussive beat. Its speed/pacing can provide a structural parallel for the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to collaborate with and mirror – setting the tempo for movement and exercise routines.

A clever way to understand the power of playing music while exercising is to think of the usefulness of a metronome. Musicians use a metronome to keep a constant, unchanging beat. This consistency allows the flow to remain balanced, even, and persistent. Similarly, exercising in synchronicity with music can help the body flow with consistency & linearity. A beat can also encourage increased output – invigorating the body to overcome previous obstacles and barriers.

In a recent New York Times article, Sports Psychology professor Costas Karageorghis noted that the ideal tempo for exercise is between 120 and 140 beats per minute (BPM) since this tempo matches the median workout heart rate. This BPM range matches the range of most contemporary dance and rock songs.

Enhancing Mood, Energy, & Motivation with Music

Music can uplift one’s overall mood – eliciting a positive outlook on life. It also offers many a cathartic outlet for physical expression/exertion. A recent article on Music Use for Mood Regulation, published in Frontiers in Psychology, argued that music provides a way for individuals to improve their mood and achieve self-awareness.

The right song can pull an individual out of a funk –like a well-timed joke or a genuine smile from a friend. Music’s ability to help individuals block out negative thoughts & engender optimism can improve stamina and incentivize effort. The perk of enjoying the pleasurable sensations of music with an elevated heartbeat and engaged muscle activity can be enough to lure many customers out of their homes.

The mnemonic and associative quality of music is equally advantageous. Scientists have performed extensive research and developed strong proof that a robust music-memory connection exists in the brain. Consider how many of our strongest memories are associated with specific songs. The feel-good, nostalgic power of music is undeniable – it offers rewards that are long remembered and craved. It can thus increase customer loyalty as they return week after week to recreate positive memories experienced while exercising to their favorite songs.

Music Can Increase Stamina & Perseverance

In the Scientific American article, “Let's Get Physical: The Psychology of Effective Workout Music,” Ferris Jabr study chronicles how motivational music can help individuals overcome fatigue. A plethora of recent scientific evidence has exhibited support for this claim. In a study performed by Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University, thirty participants exercised on a treadmill while staying strictly in tempo with motivational rock or pop music. The study found music enhanced endurance by 15%, reduced the perception of effort, and helped the participants derive increased pleasure.

The positive effects of listening to music extend beyond cardiovascular workouts. In another recently published study (“Effects of Self-Selected Music on Strength, Explosiveness, and Mood”), researchers discovered music also offered benefits for strength training routines and resistance work. Individuals who listened to music while performing squat jumps exhibited increased force and velocity than when performing the same exercises in silence.

In addition to increased stamina, music can also motivate pushing through physical discomfort and mental fatigue. In fact, a 2021 study conducted at the University of Edinburgh found that “the performance of runners who listened to a self-selected playlist after completing a demanding thinking task was at the same level as when they were not mentally fatigued.” These findings are remarkable – illustrating how energizing music can be – especially during evening sessions when clients show up mentally exhausted after a long day at the office. Fortunately, we now know music can reignite energy reserves and deliver a second surge of vigor.

We Offer Upbeat, Inspiring Music to Keep Our Workouts Lively

The date is undeniable – music creates a groove that incites energy, stamina, pleasure, and movement. By joining REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, you’ll join a franchise model with the musical technology, infrastructure, and curated playlists necessary to foster positive feelings right away. We understand the power of choosing songs with the right BPM for each exercise. Our expert team has designed a premium playlist of energetic tunes that optimize positive associations and feelings.

Reach out without delay if you are ready to join a fitness franchise model that emphasizes music’s psychological and emotional benefits! We achieve tremendous customer satisfaction and retention by improving athletic performance and psychological well-being with state-of-the-art sound systems. We utilize music to transform lives by improving our client’s overall mood, self-esteem, endurance, and perception of working out.

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