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The Benefits of Email Marketing Like A Pro

Tips on How to Email Effectively

At REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office, we understand how pivotal email marketing is for a boutique fitness franchise like ourselves. Our franchise team highly encourages each franchisee to maximize the benefits of marketing. Consistent email updates will help you keep in touch with your existing members and recruit interested parties.

Emails will also create a platform where you can inform your readers in various ways. You can:

  • Promote workout events
  • Create raffles
  • Run surveys
  • Make announcements
  • Offer nutritional or workout tips
  • And much more!

Clearly, email marketing is an excellent tool for a fitness center. It’s a space where you’ll be able to build rapport, create a deeper relationship with customers, spark engagement, develop trust, and so much more!

It’s no wonder that email marketing has the highest ROI among digital marketing tactics. Believe it or not, email marketing return on investment is 36:1. That’s right: On average, companies earn $36 for every $1 spent. We firmly stand behind the benefits of email marketing. However, we’re aware that many aspiring franchisees might be unconvinced about the upsides of this marketing technique! That’s why we’re here to discuss the many upsides of this marketing approach in further detail!

Sustain a Steady Conversation with Your Customers

Emails are one of the most reliable touchpoints for member engagement. It’s an extension of your brand, identity, and product. Many fitness members are looking for more than a place to exercise. They want a community, an accountability partner – an extended team that cares about their growth and progress. Therefore, the more frequently you initiate meaningful interactions, the more robust your relationship will be!

Emails are an excellent medium for asking questions, receiving feedback, and learning crucial information about your members. You can advertise events, special classes, and much more! It’s essential to ensure the email content remains relevant, fresh, and shareable. The presentation should be top-notch, and the functionality seamless.

When writing emails, don’t forget to perfect:

  • The aesthetic design
  • The layout
  • The images you choose
  • The humor and wit
  • Navigability
  • And many other features!

Customize & Personalize Content to Build Trust

Your members/prospective customers don’t want to feel like they are receiving standardized content written for the masses. Compartmentalizing members into email lists can be a helpful shortcut in this regard. Ask your members to fill out a quick permission-based questionnaire asking what content they are interested in – whether it be advertising, event notifications, discounts, nutritional advice, workout tips, or whatever.

Allowing customers to opt-in by clicking checkboxes will help you filter which emails are sent to whom, and how often they’ll be sent. You can segment each email into lists that correlate with the stated preferences. This approach will ensure the content you send is personalized and fits the interests of each recipient. After all, no one wants to receive a surfeit of emails about events, topics, and products that do not align with their interests. In fact, sending emails to the wrong recipients will have a negative effect – frustrating/bothering members with unsolicited junk mail.

Define Your Brand’s Identity

Luckily, there are many ways to elevate and customize your email content to make it as appealing, inclusive, and reflective of your brand’s central identity as possible.

We recommend making the extra effort to:

  • Write witty subject lines
  • Find images that add poignancy or humor
  • Craft and design your content in a way that is compatible with multiple devices
  • Keep reading content digestible
  • Ensure each email message reinforces your brand’s identity

Going above and beyond to refine each email into a work of art will also help you differentiate your message from the spam proliferating online today. Don’t underestimate the importance of penning a clever and resonant subject line. If the email title fails to inspire your members, the email will likely be deleted without even being opened.

Even worse, a poorly written email might inspire your members to hit the unsubscribe link. Asking members to specify why they are unsubscribing is never a bad idea. It will help you track what’s turning members away and adapt accordingly. Don’t take unsubscribing members personally. Many people will unsubscribe for reasons beyond your control. At the same time, it’s important to evolve, listen, and grow from such situations. You’ll be better able to retain a robust email list by thoroughly understanding what drives members away.

Build Your Community the Smart Way: Use Email Marketing Effectively

Today, we’ve offered some pro insights and tips on how to boost brand recognition and interest in REGYMEN via email marketing. By sending valuable, informative, and relevant content, our members will look forward to each email instead of feeling annoyed. Don’t hesitate to send out season surveys asking for advice and feedback on what you could do better. Doing so will help you tweak your approach and optimize results.

A seamless and well-polished email marketing campaign will benefit your franchise location. It can help:

  • Boost referrals
  • Upsell memberships
  • Attract hesitant customers
  • Stimulate more interaction, engagement, and retention among existing members
  • Fill workout classes, activities, and special events
  • Create an ongoing dialogue and community

Entertaining members with informative, scientific articles on topics related to fitness might also make a profound impact. Offering selfless advice/suggestions and helpful content will help you develop trust and showcase your integrity. By running your email marketing campaign with consistency and care, you will generate enthusiasm, expand your membership, and grow your community!

Want to avoid spamming members with ill-advised emails? Reach out to REGYMEN Fitness Franchise Office today at (866) 954-1590. Our savvy fitness team understands the ins and outs of email marketing!